Seasonal Sisters
Victoria & Ally...together we are the
'Seasonal Sisters'...our designs & ideas are
inspired by our brilliant friendship & our
completely opposite styles...
At Seasonal Sisters we don't believe in keeping our best for best.  Life is short...use your good bag, wear
sequins in the daytime, do whatever makes you feel good, be exactly who you are, no apologies.  
No two pieces in our
shop will ever be exactly the same ~ every piece is handmade & unique.  
We don't tend to work in collections, new pieces will be added as they are available.  If you'd like to keep
up to date with our studio be sure to favourite our
shop & etsy will do the rest.
We also don't believe in bombarding you with emails, just
browse when the mood takes you, consider us
you visit online to see what's're very welcome.